Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Hello and welcome

In spite of the clear fact that the cyber world really doesn't need yet another blog, here I am, blogging. I suppose I am driven by the human urge to reach out to others and share what we believe to be useful, inspiring, amusing, or just plain interesting. Of course, it raises the question: should I really be taking time away from everything else to post messages here? Especially when I am such a finicky writer than even a short missive such as this can take me an inordinate amount of time (so far so good, though -- I've only invested about 10 minutes at this point into setting this up and penning this introductory message).

I do hope that those who either stumble upon this site or pay a courtesy call because I told them about it will find something they consider worth reading.

All the best,
Sharon Parker
(make that 15 minutes -- not that I'm keeping track or anything)


Thanks for reading, and for sharing your thoughts.