Monday, January 1, 2007

Eight Maids a-Milking

I am not up to drawing eight maids milking today, though I had some interesting ideas involving Rube Goldberg-like milking machines, maybe I will work on those for a future edition of the 12 Days of Christmas.

So, instead, I offer you an image of one maid milking. She lives in Kenya, and is the beneficiary of Heifer International, an organization devoted to providing people in need around the world with livestock and equipment to help them become self-sufficient.

To donate a heifer through this organization you need to give $500, or you can donate a "share" of a heifer for $50.

If that is a little beyond your budget, you may back up to the subject of the sixth day and donate a flock of geese for a mere $20.

It would not be a bad way to begin the year. Happy New Year.

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