Monday, November 12, 2007

Kitty gets down from the tree

Ever notice how much cats enjoy looking down on you from above?

We don't let our cats roam, and this one tolerates a harness and leash well, so he gets to be outside the most. But we still have to check on him pretty often, and here's why:

Not a good idea, Kitty. . . .

Whew! He doesn't always make it this far!

Friday, November 2, 2007

November Raspberries

In the corner of the backyard of the little house we rent in South Minneapolis's Nokomis area, there is a little patch of raspberries that bore a pretty good crop back in June, but their real bounty has been this fall. It's not that they've yielded incredible amounts of rasperries, but I've been able to pick enough for my bowl of cereal on about two or three mornings a week from mid September until now, the second of November. I'm sure this is unprecedented, and it's such a treat.

On an average morning, I take the dog for a walk of from one half to one mile or so around the neighborhood, then when we come back I am quite warm, even on chilly mornings with temperatures in the 40s, so I fill my bowl with cereal and head out to the corner of the yard to add raspberries. I always pick a few extras and give them to the dog -- she is very dainty when she takes them from me, barely even touching my fingers. Then I pour the milk into my bowl and eat my cereal outdoors. Each morning that I do this I think it may be the last until spring, and that makes it even more delightful.