Thursday, December 31, 2009

Bird ornaments

These sparrows, puffed up against the cold, like to gather in my neighbor's lilac bushes by the alley. I'm sure they hang out there all year round -- I often hear their chatter amidst the leaves in summer, but can't see them. Now that the branches are bare, the birds stand out like kinetic ornaments.


  1. Another of nature's wonders - surviving the cold and wind. Great photo!

  2. awesome photo! I love to watch birds, but rarely am I able to get a shot of them. I have 6 pecan trees which tend to feed all the wildlife from birds to squirrels and many more, even my dogs feed off the nuts laying on the ground. I have seen many different birds in our trees, but everytime I try and capture them, I scare them away. Again, great photo!

  3. Great picture! I always enjoy watching birds.


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