Monday, November 7, 2011

Sounds Heard on a Walk

Brigit, my 90-year-old (almost 14) dog
On a recent walk with my dog, Brigit, I heard a woman talking on the phone, kind of loudly, sounding like she was engaged in a bit of an argument; then I saw her leaning against her fence, seemingly oblivious to our presence as we walked by. Her voice faded away gradually as we made our way up the street.

The next day, as we walked the same route, and passed the same house, there she was again in the same spot, with her phone, sounding like she was having the same argument as the day before. It was as if she had never left that spot or stopped talking.

On another block along our regular route, there is a dog hidden from view by a solid wood fence. It knows when we are passing by, and barks a steady staccato rhythm until we are well past. It sounds like it's actually saying the word bark.

Bark bark! ... Bark! ... Bark bark! ... Bark! ...


  1. We have a senior dog too - almost 11 yrs old. The greatest walking companions! XOLaura

  2. The situation with the woman on the phone seems like inspiration for a short story. With whom is she arguing? What happens next...


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