Tuesday, November 19, 2013

How to get the proofreading done

Latte and a scone at Parka

When there is proofreading to be done, and it's a few hours of reading, which I really can't do all in one sitting, I find the best approach is to pack it up and head out on my bicycle to a coffee shop.

After a couple of hours' worth of reading, I get back on the bike and head to a different coffee shop.

One time while doing my proofreading at one of these neighborhood spots, one of my friends who is a freelance writer told me how, many years ago, she would take her work to the bowling alley and have a cup of coffee there. It was the only spot open on a Monday when the local bakery was closed. She did not go there for the coffee.

I am pleased to have better options these days.

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