Monday, December 8, 2014

Little Boxes

A few years ago when my husband, Craig Cox, and I visited Susan Hensel Gallery, Craig was taken by a tiny paper box with a laser-cut design on the lid, titled "The Way to be Empty." It sits on his dresser still.

The Way to Be Empty, looking a little the worse for wear. It's about 1.5 inches wide.

Little boxes. Small packages. There is something appealing about them, even when they don't contain anything.

Or when they contain something surprising and silly, like this match box that my friend Carrie Mercer gave me years ago. (She sells a few zines in her Etsy shop, Alterior Motives/Cocoanap.)

Box by Carrie Mercer. Around the inside, it says: "Please do not wake the chicken until tea is ready."

Etsy shop The Paper Assembly makes a variety of finely crafted little boxes. Lately she has added house-shaped boxes.

Small house box from The Paper Assembly

An exquisite small-box maker here in Minneapolis is Jody Williams, aka Flying Paper Press. She calls her handcrafted containers, which are artfully arranged with artifacts and natural specimens, "Not Empty Boxes." They are like miniature cabinets of curiosities.

Transformation specimen box by Jody Williams

My own little boxes are much simpler (and cheaper!). You not only get to decide what to put in them (chocolates come to mind, always), but you get to assemble them as well. They are just 2 inches square.

Mindfulness DIY box/cube

Holiday DIY box/cube

I've created a Pinterest board for little boxes; you could follow it if you like that sort of thing.