Looking for Arty Didact?

The bunny remains; only the shop name has changed.
If I were a corporate PR department I would say something here about rebranding for the future and to serve you better (only with more enthusiastic superlatives, I imagine). But, really, I just felt that it was time to admit that Arty Didact, the name I've been using for my Etsy shop and related art activities since 2009, isn't working for me anymore. Or maybe ever. The shop is now Sharon's Compendium, same as this blog.

Why? My attempt at a little wordplay on autodidact wasn't resonating with people, who were often unsure about how to pronounce it or what it meant. And, honestly, it has always felt a little awkward and pretentious to me.

To make matters worse, when I would look up the meaning of didactic art in order to work something about it into the "About" page of my Etsy shop, I found myself struggling with the negative connotations, such as in this entry from Britannica's online encyclopedia:

"The word is often used to refer to texts that are overburdened with instructive or factual matter to the exclusion of graceful and pleasing detail so that they are pompously dull and erudite." 


Meanwhile, I've had this blog for at least as long as my Etsy shop, and I've always been comfortable with the name, in part because it includes my name, and I like how the word compendium means a collection of things, such as the items in my shop, while also having a strong association with books:

That relates nicely to my focus on making books, zines, and journals, as well as cards, calendars, book plates, and other printed matter, with some of those things containing information that I try to share in a lively creative form, without crossing over into being too didactic. I hope.

—Sharon Parker

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